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Updated on Friday 10th February 2017

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A trademark refers to the special sign that helps differentiate a company’s services, goods and many other items from those of another business in Thailand. The Department of Intellectual Property from the Thai Ministry of Commerce is in charge with the trademark issues in the country. After opening a company in Thailand, foreign businessmen should also take into account the registration of their trademarks in this country, in order to protect them. Our company registration experts in Thailand are able to provide you with detailed information about how to register a trademark in the country.

Essential steps in registering a trademark in Thailand

It is good to know that Thailand is not following the Nice agreement regarding the worldwide trademarks, because of its own trademark classification system that includes 45 different types of goods. In order to properly register a trademark in Thailand, the following criteria must be met:

•    the applicant's signature for the trademark registration or the signature of the official individual who wishes to register the trademark;
•    the applicant needs to present the color arrangement, the conceived word or name, the numerals and the designed letters;
•    the name trade needs to be characterized in a unique style;
•    is not necessary to choose a word that will make a reference to the character or quality of the goods;
•    the invented device needs to be presented.

Our specialists in company registration in Thailand recommend you to make some research to see if the chosen trademark is registered or not. The Thai department of intellectual property is able to provide you with such information. The registered marks in another country will not be taken into consideration except the mark is believed to be popular or well-known.

What you need to know about the trademark registration in Thailand?

The Thai law regarding trademark registration in the country will not accept royal seals, emblems of the royal seals, official flags, marks matching with a diploma, medal or certificate, or any other mark that infringes the public morality.

The Thai company formation is a quite simple procedure, and if you also wish to register the trademark, it is recommended to solicit help and guidance from our company incorporation agents in Thailand. It is good to know that a registered trademark is available for ten years since the day of the trademark application. If you wish to renew the trademark, it is recommended to prepare the documents within 90 days before the expiration date.

Please feel free to contact our team of company formation specialists in Thailand, if you need additional information about how to register a trademark in Thailand.


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